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Wipro Home Automation

Wipro Z Nxt

Home Automation

Transform your home into a smart home with the Wipro Z Nxt Home Automation System. This home security system has been built to provide you with power to control your home and protect your family with the help of a single app on your phone.

Home Automation Gateway

The powerful central brain of the Home Automation solution that stores all information and manages the network.

2 Relay 1 Dimmer

Retrofitted within the system providing you the comfort of controlling your appliances and dimming the lights as per your mood in the room

Gas and Smoke Detector Sensor

Detects smoke or gas leak and immediately turns off power supply at home while notifying the home owner.

LCD Wall mount

The Home Automation Systems primary controller of the complete house.

WiFi IR blaster for AV Control

Controls all IR devices

IP Camera integration

Allows you to keep a constant surveillance on your home & family no matter where you are

Key Features

Cutting Edge Technology

Fitted with Z-Wave Plus Chipsets from USA,specially made for Home Automation.


Enabling easy deployment and future expansion possibilities.

One App for all control

Enabling you convenience at your fingertips

True Retrofit

Easy installation in existing or new homes without prior detailing, helps you reduce costs.

Child safety

Ensure your child’s safety by monitoring and managing his/her movement across the home.

Gas leak detector

Turns off the power supply of your home upon detection.

Smoke sensor

Get instant alerts through email & push notification alerting you about home hazards.

Live CCTV Feed

Live footage allows you to constantly monitor your family from home or away.

Remote Operating Locks

Unlock or lock your doors through the app.


Switch On, Off or Dim the lights as per your preference.

AC/Geyser Controller

Switch On, Off or set your desired temperature.

Curtain Controls

Draw open or close the curtains.

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